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Owned and Operated by the Warren Heard Family

Wwarren Heard opened
Senior Care Services
at 50 Penn Place in
1980 and continues to
earn a reputation for excellence and
integrity. His caregivers provide a
wonderful alternative to a nursing

"Most of our assistants are the age of
young grandparents. They prove to
be excellent caregivers for men and
women of great-grandparent age.


"So, if your loved one needs assistance, but does NOT want to move to a nursing home, please call us! Your permission for our caregiver to come into the home of your frail, elderly parent is a solemn trust to us. We will protect your treasured relative and help him or her resume a life of quality and independence to the greatest extent possible.

"From our extremely diligent employee-screening process to our daily health monitoring, we are committed to providing the greatest of care for your loved one!"


Are you in need of assistance? Call us!
We will provide a wonderful caregiver who is chosen with attributes and skills specific to the needs of your loved one!

(405) 848-1234

Immediate Service Available!


Phone: (405) 848-1234
4334 NW Expressway, Suite 150
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
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