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Common Questions (FAQ's)

"What makes Senior Care Services different?"

SCS is family owned and operated (by the Warren Heard family) and has earned a proven reputation for excellent care and quality since 1980. We are committed to excellence and we recognize that our family name and reputation are tied to your satisfaction. We are on call day and night and give our clients our cell phone numbers, etc. so we can always be reached. That level of personal service is rare in today's business world but it's just one of the ways we demonstrate our personal commitment to what we do.

"What services does SCS offer?"

SCS is licensed by the State Dept. of Health to provide personal, hands-on care for those who need help wherever they reside. Our two specific levels of service are (1) hourly care by Certified Home Health Aides and (2) Live-in companion care. You can expect our services to help your loved one to maintain independence where they want to live, specifically hands-on help with activities of daily living, allowing them to enjoy their own home or surroundings despite limitations associated with aging. Whether it's for just a few hours a day or 24/7, you can rely on SCS for dependable, quality caregivers to provide independence and care for your loved ones, and peace of mind for the rest of the family!

"How quickly can services be started?"

We can usually start services on the same day, although it's most helpful to have a day or two of advance notice to make the necessary arrangements.

"Will the same caregiver come every time?"

We do our best to properly match clients and caregivers for maximum compatibility. We recognized the importance of continuity in relationships between client and caregiver and make it our goal to maintain continuity in that relationship. We will, by request of client or caregiver, make changes as necessary.

"Are SCS caregivers bonded and insured? What about taxes?"

Yes, SCS employees are all properly bonded and insured. Since all caregivers are actually W2 employees of SCS, clients are not liable for any taxes associated with hiring private caregivers.

"Does SCS accept Oklahoma Respite Vouchers?"

Yes we do! For more information on this resource for seniors, see the OASIS website or call them at 800-426-2747. This valuable program offers vouchers to facilitate the respite of family caregivers. We are honored to be able to help families get a much-needed and well-earned break from caregiving whenever they need it!

"What is the difference between a licensed and unlicensed home care agency?"

According to Oklahoma state regulations, only licensed home care agencies may provide any hands-on care. Hands-on care is defined as any care in which the caregiver physically touches the client. This would include everything from helping the client keep steady when walking and helping the client dress, to helping the client with personal hygiene and care. These regulations are in place to protect seniors by insuring that care providers are following proper procedures of care and safety.

"Is there a way to check the rating of home care agencies?"

Unfortunately, there is not an easy online reference for home care agencies like there is for nursing homes. However, the State Department of Health does yearly audits of licensed home care agencies and is available for questions about specific agencies. A good first step is to confirm that the agency is actually licensed by visiting the list of licensed facilities on the OSDH's website. You can reach the OSDH Medical Facilities Division at (405) 271-6576 and ask about deficiencies from the past few years for particular agencies. SCS is proud to say that we have no deficiencies for four of the past five years and you can find our agency on page 30 of the 3/3/2006 Licensed Facility directory.

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